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Dear Dr. Dan,

You have done it again! You have alleviated pain in an area of concern. I told you of pain in the thumb, wrists and arms; of the difficulty of opening doors, trying to take a cap off a bottle; of doing many normal things. You applied your chiropractic knowledge, your gentle (though sometimes painful) treatment, and in the course of a few weeks, I was able to do ordinary tasks again.

It has been five years since I first stepped into your office with the hope that you could replace a fine doctor in Ocala, Dr. Michael Badanek. He had proven to me that chiropractic care was the solution to my many physical problems. Neither of you have ever disappointed me. We have dealt with disintegration of discs, compression of spine, shoulder displacement, rotated pelvis, headaches, and joint problems. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! from the bottom of my heart.

In 1975, I had the horrible experience of not being able to straighten up after pitching a tent. A visit to the chiropracter showed me what could be done. Periodic treatments helped restore mobility and strength. In 1977, again in 1979, I had surgery for herniated discs. In the following years I took the path of chiropractic maintenance. The fact that I am not in a wheelchair, and I lead a normal life at 78, is a testimonial to your success and that of your profession.

Most commendable, is your holistic approach toward clients. I see clearly that you attribute the healing to your touch to the God who gave you that gift. I know that you care about my mental, physical, and spiritual welfare by your words, advice, and example. Thank you for being “Gift” to all of us who pass through your doors.


P.S. Your staff compliments your standards and ideals. God bless them too! With love and prayers,

Jeannine S, Tampa

Rating: Excellent (5)

I thought I was through with chiropractic when I moved from California to Florida in 2002. When I went back to work at age 54, I had to sit in front of a computer for long hours and my neck went out of adjustment right before Thanksgiving in 2004. I was desperate when the pain prevented me from turning my head. My husband had met Dr. Dan and felt good about him and kept his card on his desk for about two years. I went to see him immediately and I knew he was my gift from God. I have had had nothing but love and deliverance from his office and my lower back never hurts anymore. It took over a year to get the results, but Dr. Dan encouraged me to stay faithful to the treatments and my home exercises. It is is not just his ability, or his caring, but the love he has in his heart that really sets him apart. My husband and and I have been patients for almost six years now and are so thankful for Family Health Chiropractic Center

Judy M, Tampa

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