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It’s our pleasure to introduce the newest member of the
Family Health Chiropractic team-
Licensed Massage Therapist Laurie Dever

Laurie Dever, LMT is our massage therapist assisting Dr. Dan and Dr. David in providing therapeutic healthcare for your body. As a long time patient of chiropractic care, she believes in the synergy of the body’s structure and its soft tissue that supports it. Having always been intrigued with anatomy and physiology, Laurie felt a calling to become a massage therapist and provide a listening and therapeutic touch to those she works with. Her goal is to assist her clients in improving their health and well being through education and various modalities of massage therapy and bodywork. Laurie enjoys learning new techniques and has been trained in many aspects of massage including Swedish, sports, deep-tissue, trigger point, stretching, fertility, prenatal, oncology & manual lymphatic drainage, decompression therapy and Mercier Therapy for female reproductive health and fertility. Laurie also holds a business degree and besides formerly working in sales and volunteer management, she has worked in the spa industry where she trained other massage therapists to succeed.