We completely understand having reservations about starting chiropractic care due to having a busy schedule. Here at Family Health Chiropractic, we have designed our hours of operation to accommodate any work schedule you may have. Whether you need to be in and out of the office before 8:30 am or you can only get to our office at 6:15pm; it is all available to you!

Chiropractic care at all times will give your body the ability to function at 100%. While looking at your schedule, take a second to think about your average day at work. If you are someone who normally sits at a desk all day, chiropractic care may be best for you after you are finished with the day. This is because sitting for an extended amount of time can make it easier for you to develop bad posture. This can cause a number of issues from spinal curvature, forward head translation, and even disc compression.

Pro tip: try getting a standing desk or taking a few minutes every hour to stand and walk around or stretch.

If you are concerned about your schedule being able to accommodate chiropractic care, give our office a call and we can discuss it further with you!