Neck and Back Pain

If you are someone who is interested in receiving chiropractic care but is not entirely educated on what it means, you are probably someone in pain. Pain relief is a huge bonus of receiving chiropractic care. We will serve in establishing if the symptom is first due to either a muscular inflammation or if it is bone related, (meaning: due to a subluxation). Once this is determined, Dr. Dan will write a treatment plan for you and will educate you on exactly what you are experiencing and when the issue will be fixed.

Although pain relief is the most common reason someone sees a chiropractor, it isn’t the only thing we treat! The absence of pain does not necessarily mean you have a perfect spine. There can be many issues happening in your body that you are not feeling. This is because your nerves are made of 3 parts. The Autonomic, the Motor, and the Sensory are three main components making up one nerve. The sensory component of your nerve is the portion that communicates pain to you. The problem with this, is that the sensory part of your nerve only makes up 8% of that one nerve! This means that 92% of that nerve could be completely compromised without you even experiencing back or neck pain! If you are someone who is experiencing chronic, occasional, or no pain, your spine needs to be healed from nerve interference!

Arm & Leg Pain

Family Health Chiropractic is not only interested in hearing about your back pain but also pain in your extremities. Pain in the legs or arms can also give us clues about what may be an issue in the spine. The reason for this is the area you are experiencing your symptom may not be the root issue. Your nervous system is an amazing and complex highway of nerves that run through every area of your body inside and out. You will only ever feel the end of those nerves and never the beginning, called “nerve endings”. This is important to know because every nerve highway begins in the spine and goes out throughout the body. Take carpal tunnel syndrome for an example, this is a pain or numbness that is felt in the hands. If you trace that nerve highway from the hands to the beginning, the nerve starts in the cervical spine (or the neck). This means you could have a subluxation (or a misalignment of the bone applying pressure on the nerve) in the neck but you are feeling the pain in the nerve ending in the hand. This works the same exact way for sciatic pain which is a common symptom felt in the legs. The sciatic nerve begins in the lower back and goes all the way down to the bottom of the feet! Numbness in the feet, hands, pain in your shoulders, arms, or even ribs can all be because of a misalignment of the spine even if that is not where your pain is coming from!

If you are not necessarily feeling pain in your back, don’t let that stop you from learning about chiropractic care and getting nerve interference removed!