Chiropractic care is for the whole family! At Family Health Chiropractic, we adjust all ages from newborn infants to the elderly. It is important for the whole family unit to take care of their health so that they can then take care of one another. We encourage your family to be on the same page with each family member’s care. To achieve this, we invite anyone who you would like to be present to attend your visits and consultations with you!

            Chiropractic care for children is so vital for the developmental stage of life. This is because of how life begins, the birth canal. When an infant comes out of the birth canal, there is an enormous amount of pressure put on the neck. A neck that is, at the time, not even strong enough to hold up their head! Why is this so dangerous? Because of the inevitability of a subluxation. A subluxation is a misalignment of the bone applying pressure on a nerve. This is dangerous because if there is nerve interference because of a subluxation, whatever function that nerve is responsible for in the body, cannot receive messages from the brain at the level it was designed to. What does this have to do with an infant’s neck? The first bone in the neck (C1) is commonly referred to as the Atlas. The nerve that comes out of the Atlas is completely responsible for transmitting messages from the brain to the immune system! Within seconds of life, an infant can already have nerve interference in their immune system! This would explain how soon in life a child is usually given antibiotics due to getting sick often, or having ear infections, etc. The issue may not be as complicated as we have made it; they just need the nerve interference to be removed in the neck!

            Having your small child getting a chiropractic adjustment can be a scary thought, let’s explain why this is a completely safe treatment for any child. A chiropractic adjustment can look very different depending on who is receiving it. This depends on their current issues as well as their size and the condition of their spine. A small child is not going to receive the same chiropractic adjustment as a grown adult. The main difference between the two is the amount of force used during the adjustment. A low force adjustment is used on children and infants. Dr. Dan often uses what is called an Activator for low force adjustments. An activator is a small hand tool that is used to activate the nerves that come out of the spine and to apply a small amount of pressure on the bones of the spine. We can assure you, your child will love getting adjusted as well as Dr. Dan and our staff as we are trained and equipped to take care of children and keep them at ease!